Lost seat tells a ‘sorry tale’

I AM a lifelong Ackworth resident and for as long as I can remember there has always been a public seat on the wide grassy bank in front of the stone wall bordering the old doctors’ surgery on Barnsley Road.

People have used this seat as children, as adults and even with their own grandchildren. Also it was a place for senior citizens to meet and watch the world go by. In recent years people have also used it to wait for friends and family visiting College Lane Surgery opposite.

When building work started on the new filling station and Spar shop the seat, wall and grass bank were removed. We understood that they would be restored once the building work was finished. However, the wide grassy bank has been replaced by a huge advertising tower and a narrow flower bed. The seat momentarily reappeared in the middle of the bed and then disappeared just as quickly. I raised the issue with Jean Askew a local district councillor who was kind enough to make enquiries. She came back with the following answer – the developers have removed the seat but are willing to provide a replacement seat so long as it is sited somewhere else.

The words stitched and set up come to mind. I would ask readers to look at the Google Maps street view image of the area which still shows the seat in situ on the grassy bank. Then they can go and have a look at what we are left with. Thirdly, like myself, they could start to ask questions of of the powers-that-be who are there to look after our interests – or are they? Possibly the planning department at Wakefield would like to explain its part in this sorry tale.


Orchard Drive