Loyal Tigers’ fans ‘deserve better’

I HAVE every confidence in new Castleford Tigers’ coach Ian Millward, but I am afraid he is banging his head against a brick wall.

The lack of investment throughout the club, especially on the playing side, is really starting to show. I expect us to finish in the bottom four this season. Considering the superb crowds we get, this is not acceptable.

The ground has been shabby for many years, the main stand is a disgrace, the clubhouse and bar are not as good as many amateur teams and on evening games the lighting behind the main stand is poor.

Our neighbours Featherstone and Wakefield are showing much more ambition – talk is cheap Tigers.

We have been promised a new ground for many years, this could be well in the future or may never happen and should not be made an excuse for lack of investment in the team. This year’s team is very poor, we have injuries but so have every other team in the league.

We have some decent young players but so have all the other clubs and most of a better standard.

Our local schools continue to do well in national competitions but only a handful have progressed to the very top. Perhaps if the youth development at Tigers was of a higher standard we would have most of our first team consisting of local lads instead of second-rate imports and other teams’ cast offs.

Wakefield are now rated among the best, if not the best, youth development club in the country. It’s only a matter of time before they overtake us at all levels.

I would be interested to know who chooses our signings, as in recent years apart from Rangi Chase they have been a disaster. We have had average players at the club on obscene money and long contracts who have made a mockery of the discipline and desire the club should insist on.

The buck must stop with the board and especially the chief executive who, after all, is the main decision maker. If he is not capable he should be replaced and so should the board unless things improve dramatically.

The loyal fans deserve better and will only remain loyal for so long. We have lived on promises and mediocrity long enough.


Harlech Way