Manoeuvre is legitimate

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FROM the editorial ‘Blitz on town centre traffic’ (Express, March 24) I note that the Neighbourhood Policing Team have a problem with motorists doing ‘three point turns’, or more accurately a turn in the road, on Valley Road.

Now Valley Road is a wider than normal road that allows two way traffic but leads onto Ropergate – a narrow one-way street. Is the NPT suggesting Valley Road should be one-way and all traffic would then have to exit via Ropergate onto the extremely busy Jubilee Way (causing further traffic congestion), or would they like a roundabout at the top of Valley Road for motorists to avoid having to do a turn in the road – a perfectly legitimate exercise? I come into town regularly and use Valley Road most times as my bank is there. I have never had a problem with having to do a turn in the road and this is certainly the lesser of two evils. My advice is to leave well alone.