‘Money funds corruption’

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FOR as long as I can remember, Britain has been donating billions of pounds in aid to other countries and to places in Africa in particular.

Whichever government is in power, it seems our obligations are set in stone. In spite of our own perilous financial situation, we somehow still find the resources to provide aid to impoverished countries abroad, and the latest venture – as mentioned by T Arundel in Express June 30 – is to provide vaccinations for all third world children.

When will politicians realise that Africa is a bottomless pit as far as aid is concerned? It is futile to pour more and more money into such continents on the scale that we are doing, while knowing full well that next year the situation will be exactly the same!

It is not just government donations either. Countless charitable organisations are ploughing money into these countries too, and we have annual appeals on televisionshowing harrowing pictures of starving children, with celebrities pleading for our help, yet the situation never seems to improve. Instead the corrupt government officials and rulers, who build their palaces, buy fleets of luxury limousines and arm their followers, all at Britain’s expense.

All this while their people live in poverty, dependant on countries like ours for their survival.


Holes Lane