Mounted Section tribute to retired officer


West Yorkshire Police Mounted Section are honouring a retired Mounted Officer at his funeral today.

Kenneth Cranage, 89, known as Ken, retired in 1979 after spending the duration of his policing career at Pontefract posted to Mounted Branch.

Following his retirement, he dedicated his time to the Horse and Pony Protection Association where he was an expert witness for them in cases of cruelty and neglect.

He later became their president.

Ken, joined the police in August 1949. He met his wife June at Harrogate Training School and spent some time on patrol before joining the Mounted Branch.

A father of three, Ken was always a keen horseman and equestrian enthusiast, and took part in all manner of shows and competitions including the Horse of the Year Show. Ken was described by his supervisor as having a ‘wealth of equestrian experience’.

Ken’s funeral is taking place at Pontefract Crematorium today, and two officers and horses from the Mounted Section will be attending in recognition of Ken’s policing career and dedication to the mounted policing.

Sergeant Jayne West of the Mounted Section said; “It is an honour and privilege to attend Ken’s funeral as a final tribute to his extensive policing career and his dedication and enthusiasm to mounted policing and the local equestrian community.

“There are still people within Operations Support who remember Ken, who speak fondly of him and his work and it is fitting we attend to celebrate everything he achieved during his career and in his retirement.”