MP and top police officer condemn Trump’s tweet

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MP Yvette Cooper and the district’s top police officer have both hit out at President Donald Trump’s apparent support about a British far-right group.

The US president shared a series of Tweets appearing to support Islamophobic videos put online by the extremist group, Britain First.

The president has more than 44 million followers on the social media site, Twitter.

Both Prime Minster Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn condemned the move, while Castleford and Pontefract MP, Yvette Cooper, spoke up during a debate in Parliament.

She said: “Britain First gets its succour from spreading its poison and extremism online, that is how it works and the president of the United States has just given Britain First a rocket boost by promoting its hatred in our communities. Online is where the new battle for democracy is being fought.

“We simply cannot roll out a red carpet for the president to sew discord in our communities.”

This was followed by Wakefield district’s police commander and Muslim, Chief Supt Mabs Hussain who responded on Twitter and pinned his comments to the top of his 

He said: “I cant stay quiet and ignore the fact the president has tried to legitimise a far right, anti-Muslim group whose sole aim is to spread hatred about Muslims just like me and divide communities.”