MP’s bid to halt boundary change

MP Jon Trickett.

MP Jon Trickett has launched a petition to try and halt plans that would carve up his constituency and move it into Barnsley.

Under proposals from the Boundary Commission for England, Hemsworth and Fitzwilliam will move into a new Barnsley East and Hemsworth constituency.

Areas including Crofton and South Elmsall would transfer to a new Featherstone electoral area, under the changes.

Elsewhere under the proposals, Wakefield would take in Outwood and Stanley, whilst a new Morley and Batley constituency would be formed.

Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford would remain unchanged.

The review, which would come into force for the next General Election, would see the number of MPs reduced from 650 to 600 and result in constituencies containing a more equal number of registered voters.

Long-serving MP Mr Trickett has been vocal in his opposition to the plans.

Mr Trickett, first elected as MP for Hemsworth in 1996, is calling on people to sign the petition.

“It’s barmy,” he said.

“People will suddenly have a Barnsley MP, but Wakefield councillors.

“The villages that I represent are mainly ex-mining villages and there’s a social unity with a similar history.

“That’s not exactly the same in other parts of the community.

“I know the people in Hemsworth are quite concerned about this and on an emotional level, I’ve spent the past 21 years working for the people of Hemsworth.

“The truth of the matter is the Tories are only doing it to try and save their bacon.

“People are upset about this, not just in Hemsworth but also in other areas I represent.

“What I would say to constituents is that they should contact my office straight away.”

Mr Trickett added that a Private Members’ Bill is taking place on Friday, December 1 in Parliament to debate the proposed amendments.

The Boundary Commission for England launched a second feedback consultation that runs until Monday, December 11.

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