New calls for safety measures on a stretch of road after another crash

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Fresh calls are being made to improve a road this week after another crash which involved several vehicles.

A Suzuki Alto and a Mini collided on Blacker Lane near Netherton on Tuesday morning shortly before 8am which left the road closed and a woman in her 60s needing treatment.

Two other vehicles are thought to have also been damaged.

Safety calls for notorious road
A campaign has been laucnhed to make the road safer and some remedial improvements have been made since the start of the year.

Although the cause of Tuesday’s crash is yet to be determined, campaigner Dave Flint says others had reported problems with the road surface that morning.

Thousands sign petition to make Blacker Lane safe
He said: “This has renewed interest in the Blacker Lane Road Safety Campaign and people are again calling for the speed limit to be reduced to 30mph, with 20mph limits imposed on the bad bends.

“Several people have commented that the road surface on the bend is shiny and therefore needs resurfacing.”

Wakefield MP, Mary Creagh, is also backing the calls for improvements, on the road which saw 24 accidents in the space of just one year.

She said: “Residents continue to tell me about the problems on Blacker Lane.

“Wakefield Council have taken action by repairing the road surface, repainting the road markings, and clearing vegetation around signage, but more can be done - such as introducing a speed limit and limiting traffic to 3.5 tonnes.”