New pressure group is formed in response to ‘issues in village’

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A new pressure group has been formed by residents in Ackworth in response to what they say are ‘a number of issues in the village’.

R-ACKWORTH has been set up by villagers concerned about the number of houses appearing in the village.

They are also concerned about the impact on the tree-felling undertaken in order to build these developments, and the deteriorating landscape.

A spokesman from the group said: “We are primarily concerned about the number of mature trees that are being felled within the village.

“Also of concern is the endless number of housing developments being built with the backing of Wakefield Councils Planning Department and Planning Committee.

“The number of trees within Ackworth that are protected by Tree Preservation Orders is very low.

“A site (Strata Homes) which stretches roughly from Brackenhill to Hardaker Lane has been completely stripped clear of buildings and vegetation.

“There has been little or no concern for existing properties and residents, with nearby protective bankings and trees simply flattened.

“Green Lane, which was once a beautiful country lane, is now nothing more than a ginnel, oppressively boxed in by houses.

“The houses being built are unattractive, with some reaching up to four stories high which simply stick out like a sore thumb.

“They certainly do not blend into the character and architecture of Ackworth.”

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