NHS being ‘ground into the dust’

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OUR NHS was once the envy of the world, now it is being ground into the dust – mostly due to the deliberations of ‘health trusts.’

Who exactly are these people who have the health of the nation in their hands? To whom are they accountable? How are they appointed, selected, elected? What qualifications are needed? What criteria is used?

Do they have wide medical experience? Are they well acquainted with the area in queston and have they a deep concern for the wellbeing of the people in that community or is it political infighting or perhaps big business?

Certainly somebody’s making a packet from hospital parking fees, TV hire to patients and over priced cafeterias!

However, it is plain they are no financial wizards. All their “improvements” so far have meant a sadly-depleted health service – fewer beds, even the closure of hospitals, clinics, A&Es, care homes etc but all causing debts of thousands of pounds.

It seems they have already realised the harm that has been done and are now spending thousands on advisors.

Too late now locking the stable door – already the elderly and terminally ill in our area are refusing treatment at the out of town hospitals, preferring to die at home among their family and friends.

A shameful state of affairs which will take many years to reverse.


Pine Close