'Nightclub takeaway' stripped of its licence - your reaction

Shalamar. Picture courtesy of Google.
Shalamar. Picture courtesy of Google.

Express readers have had their say after a takeaway was stripped of its licence.

Wakefield Council's Licensing Sub-Committee revoked the licence of Shalamar takeway, on Westgate in Wakefield city centre, at a meeting yesterday.

A video of people dancing and partying inside the takeaway went viral after it was shared on the internet in May 2015.

Police claimed it had been playing loud music for several years, despite not being licensed for regulated entertainment.

In a report to the meeting, they said: “The premises operating in this fashion has resulted in it operating more as a nightclub than a late night refreshment venue, resulting in a poor dispersal of intoxicated persons from the city after licensed premises have closed. This then leads to incidents of violent crime and anti-social behaviour occurring.”

Many Express readers took to Facebook to react to yesterday's news.

Kelly Smith said: "This is absolutely ridiculous! I’d understand if they were serving alcohol but they’re not, it’s just people having some fun."

Rory Robinson said: "I've been using that place for many years, the music has never posed a problem as it was always quite welcoming to hear when coming from the clubs.

I've never once had a problem with anyone in there, as people are more pre-occupied with ordering and getting their food."

Del Milburn wrote: "That's right, close a business that's been successful for years."

Kaley Leanne Asquith said: "What do they expect, it's bang on westgate, and surrounded by nightclubs, sad they've stripped licence."

And Denbo Seilly questioned: "Precisely what harm was it doing to anyone?"

Sabrina Marshall wrote: "I can't believe it so many memories in there - it was the after party venue of all time it's sad for the owners and for all that go."

Phil Bayliss said: "The fun police have been out again."

And Oz Usy said: "Wow they played a bit of music for people while waiting for food hardly a crime is it the police and council should be ashamed of themselves instead of helping small business they are just trying to close them very bad news."

Carole Fisher wrote: "What an absolute JOKE!!! Think they need to get a grip!! They've been trading as long as I can remember ."

Carol Ann Jones added: "It was a good kebab hole it will be sadly missed."

And Conrad Ellam said: "Good end of night entertainment and walk home food."

Martin Cave wrote: "Seems harsh. So many other issues that could be tackled. No harm done to anyone as far as I am aware."

Claire Amailey Brambles said: "Oh no... Used to boogie in here while waiting for our grub."

And Emma Bray said: "Booooooooo, Rip good times."