No beds for mum disgrace

A FORTNIGHT ago my 76-year-old mum rang me at 8.10pm in great distress. She had fallen again, not for the first time, but the worst one yet.

My husband took me to mum’s terraced house in Featherstone, she was upstairs on the bed in much discomfort. She had fallen and as we later found out, broken her hip in two places.

After going to Pontefract hospital and having X-rays we were told no beds were available at Pontefract or Wakefield. The only place with one remaining orthopaedic bed was Dewsbury.

Ambulances were loaded up with patients, including my mum, at 1am, and driven to the designated hospitals. How much is that costing?

As well as it meaning ambulance drivers were taken away from other priorities, neither I not the rest of the family except my husband drive. My husband works so could not do the daily commute.

How bad is it becoming to be poorly in this area? It’s not as though the area we are talking about is small.

This was a Labour plan – MP Yvette Cooper and her lot! So look after yourselves and hope you never need a hospital locally.