No chemical warning

IN regard to the article about Hickson and Welch chemicals (Express, August 18), I am pleased that someone is caring about the future health of the community, but I am also angry that it has come years too late for a lot of other people.

I have been born and bred and lived for 68 years in Hickson’s back yard, in all those years when they were paying good wages to employees to handle carcinogenic chemicals above the ground nobody from Hickson’s, the Enviroment Agency, or the health authority even bothered to take the trouble to send me a letter alerting me to that fact – let alone ask me if I wanted a medical examination,

We had an allotment behind Lock Lane school for years, we grew our own vegetables and I have eaten apples straight from the tree ignorant to that fact.

When we had to give up that allotment we got another one near the other chemical works Laporte Acids and later Lambson’s who also spewed out large yellow clouds of God knows what, still no letter as to whether it was harmful or not.

What about all the pollution that was poured into the river Aire when all the foam blew on our bodies, was that toxic?

I have no preference what they build on Hickson’s land, be is housing, shops or leisure, as long as it never returns to chemicals.

One thing for sure is whoever lives or works on it in the future will go into it with their eyes wide open, will not be given the mushroom treatment like we have been.


Hunt Street