‘No MP wants to admit their fault’

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I wonder how many people are aware that this bill, the Private Finance Initiative (PFI), was set up by the Labour government when it was in power.

Under the bill, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust is making rental payments for Pinderfields and Pontefract Hospitals. We don’t even own any part of either hospitals, only rent them.

Plus, the contract stipulates we must use their named tradespeople to do any repairs or maintenance required. I did read a charge of £6 was made to change a light bulb – is this true?

When Christa Ackroyd interviewed MP Yvette Cooper on Look North and pointed out if we didn’t have to pay so much rental some of the cuts might not have been necessary, she didn’t know how to reply.

At the meeting to discuss the cuts on January 10 at Ossett, Steve Johnson asked why are we not challenging but accepting PFI and the cuts, but Stephen Eames replied: “We would be making these cuts even if we had all the money in the world.”

What a stupid statement by Mr Eames. Even I know if you had the money, cuts wouldn’t be an issue. Are we allowed to ask how much in rentals we are actually paying?

Labour caused most of the problems that we are in now, but no Labour MP admits it.

Migration problems have escalated and will worsen if Romanians and Bulgarians are allowed in in December 2013.

The banking crisis caused the biggest proportion of our debt, and did they thank us? No, they put two fingers up, reduced interest rates on our savings and gave themselves big, fat bonuses.

In fact, right up to the present we are told how we have been duped right, left and centre. The PFI bill – I will say no more.

Benefits cuts have to be made, because of the unfairness that some get more money and added benefits not working than a person who is working and paying taxes.

I just hope that the genuine people will not be affected. But God is good – they will get the help they need.

The Conservatives are doing their best to get this beautiful country of ours back to what it was. Why don’t we give them a chance? I don’t want my grandchildren to be left with this legacy. If Labour get back in we will be back to square one.

B Firth

Rufford Street