Norman will be missed

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ON behalf of the Corra Charity Bike Riders of Girnhill Lane Working Men’s Club (WMC), Featherstone, I would like to express sincere gratitude and thanks to the late Norman Winn, who died unexpectedly on Sunday March 20.

Norman was a devoted member of the charity team and knew no boundaries when it came to organising events for fundraising.

His energy and drive was beyond belief, he loved being at the front of things and would organise anything he could for the charity.

Norman loved people, and would help anyone who needed help, whether young or old. He loved the outside life and was a keen fisherman, he had his allotments and loved animals, as you could see when visiting his allotment.

Norman joined in all activities at the club, he loved playing dominoes, and travelled to all venues with the Girnhill Lane WMC dominoes team.

He will be missed tremendously by members and all those who knew him, but we know he will always be around, keeping an eye on us.

Thanks Stormin’ Norman.



Corra Charity Bike Riders