Not fit for our purpose

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IT is with great interest that I read Julia Squires’ comments in the Express (July 1).

She seemed surprised that more Pontefract patients than she ‘would like’ are being transferred to Dewsbury and District Hospital for treatment. Yet she states “the general demand for hospital care in the area is increasing by five per cent year on year”. Surely then the reduction in acute beds across the Mid Yorksire Hospitals NHS Trust is nonsensical? However, I think this seriously underestimates the magnitude of the problem.

The Office of National Statistics estimates that by 2030 one third of the United Kingdom’s population will be aged 60 or older, with those aged 80 or above accounting for the fastest growing sector of the population. Thus it is likely that in an ageing population Julia Squire’s estimates are at best, rather conservative.

If a monkey is sitting at a typewriter for long enough it is almost certain to type the complete works of Shakespeare. So why can’t a group of supposedly eductated individuals build hospitals that the residents of Mid Yorkshire deserve? Services that are fit for the future, rather than wasting £300m of taxpayers’ money on ones that are not even fit for the present.


Sutton Lane