‘Now say sorry to our miners’

MP Jon Trickett outside the job centre in Hemsworth.'h8929a224
MP Jon Trickett outside the job centre in Hemsworth.'h8929a224

MP Jon Trickett is calling on the government to apologise to the miners for its handling of the 1984-85 strike.

The Hemsworth MP also says the government should commit to a ‘full scale regeneration’ of former coalfield areas.

Mr Trickett took part in a debate about coalfields communities in the House of Commons last month.

During the debate he urged the government to apologise for the way the miners were treated during the 1984-85 strike, agree to an independent inquiry into events surrounding the strike and commit to a full scale process of regenerating coalfield areas.

He said: “Recently released 1984 cabinet papers revealed the underhand tactics and lies of the government of the time.

“The strikes happened 30 years ago yet the area has not recovered. The government is turning its back on the coalfield community, which is unforgivable.

“The funding being taken away from the Coalfield Regeneration Trust is shockingly premature, because the job that it was asked to do has clearly not yet been completed.

“The government has questions to answer - if we do not support and invest in our ex coalmining communities now, it is the next generation that will suffer.”

In a recent reshuffle of shadow cabinet positions Mr Tricket has been made senior advisor to Labour leader Ed Miliband. He also retains the role of shadow minister without portfolio.

He said: “It is a great privilege to be working at the centre in this additional role and I am looking forward to the challenge of beating the Tories next year.”