Ongoing ‘saga’ just wastes cash

I RECENTLY witnessed the ongoing saga between travellers and Wakefield Council which must be costing ratepayers tens of thousands on a regular basis.

Travellers have set up camps on the new bypass between Normanton and Castleford and despite the council applying to the courts and obtaining injunctions, the travellers continue to flout the law.

When they are served with court orders and have to move they do so by relocating a matter of 100 yards across the road where the whole process has to start all over again, costing the taxpayer thousands of pounds.

In due course Wakefield Council may send someone to put some boulders across an area to deter the travellers who must just laugh, wait for the council workers to leave and then pull these boulders out of the way and repeat the process.

The council is fully aware of where these people camp, so why can it not beat them at their own game and for once properly block these areas? These sites are left in a disgusting state.

Stop wasting taxpayers’ money on regular visits to courts to obtain orders which are a waste of time and money.


Fairway Estate