Online bed firm goes into liquidation

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An online bed company has closed with the loss of 22 jobs.

Bedworld North Ltd, trading as, went into liquidation last week after experiencing financial difficulties.

The Express has been asked to point out that Bedworld’s showroom, on Calder Way Industrial Park, Savile Road, Castleford, has been unaffected and remains open as normal.

The liquidators and the company issued a joint statement, it said: “The company has recently been experiencing financial difficulties and the director made the decision to close the business on April 24, 2015.

“Unfortunately, as a result, 22 staff were made redundant and Focus Insolvency Group have been instructed by the director to convene the statutory meetings of members and shareholders to place the company into liquidation.

“The meeting of creditors is scheduled to take place on May 15, 2015.

“Full support is being given to all former employees during this difficult time by ensuring they have access to all resources available for seeking new employment.

“They have all been given advice on how to make a claim through the Redundancy Payments Service in respect of any wages, holiday pay, redundancy and notice pay etc. owed which will be paid from the National Insurance Fund.

“Notice of the meeting of creditors has been circulated to all known creditors.

“Any enquiries about making a claim in the liquidation should be directed to the following email address”

She added any customers who were awaiting deliveries from the website and require a refund should contact their bank and visit