Open spaces ‘should be protected’

I READ in last week’s Pontefract and Castleford Express about another planning application, this time at Featherstone on an area of open space with wildlife.

This is the third application this year (Cobblers Lane and Hardwick Road both in Pontefract being the other two) which have been proposed on previously undeveloped land.

With increases pressures on UK farming leading to ever increasing food prices at the shops for all residents of local towns, farm land should be kept and not built upon.

Surely the best policy would be to utilise redundant industrial areas such as the Prince of Wales Colliery that has little impact on the open spaces that borders our towns.

The main reason I can think this is not being prioritised by Wakefield planners is that it will take a longer period to redevelop these brown field sites. Building on much needed rural areas be it farm or green opens spaces will generate revenue for the developer in the shortest time frame.

These applications are not what is best for the towns, just what will make large building companies the quickest profit.

Wakefield Council should therefore prioritise development of these unused sites and protect the much needed open spaces.


Monkhill Lane