Opposition to new housing plans

I AM a member of the Ackworth and Hardwick Road Action Group.

We oppose any house building on the greenfield land at the site bordered by those two roads and we are actively trying to prevent that development going ahead.

Why use good arable grade two productive greenfield land when there are brownfield sites available?

But on the broader aspect, why are over 2,000 houses proposed for the Pontefract district?

Do we really need that amount of extra housing and more importantly, can the present infrastructure support more cars and people?

With the traffic congestion, especially at Town End and Cobblers Lane, air quality measurement of NO2 exceeding the standardised norm in the former, plus the resultant detrimental effect on people’s health, especially children, is it not time we stood up collectively and let our opinions be known?

Also with the primary schools ‘full’ in Pontefract and with the increasing birth rate, will that not cause unfair problems for any incoming children and their parents trying to get their child into a local school?

Finally, have we seen any significant regeneration, road building or schemes such as free parking to help trade in the Pontefract town centre by WMDC? I believe not.

If these housing schemes get the go-ahead from the council then will we be beneficiaries of the extra council tax collected? I doubt it very much.


Stonegate Drive