Optician’s vision helps villagers see

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A Castleford optometrist is helping villagers in Africa to see clearly for the first time .

Ruth Perrott, of Perrott’s Opticians, returned from her tenth trip to Malawi in Africa in February where she has helped set up clinics and prescribed glasses to people with poor vision.

It was her third visit to Malawi in five years as part of the Christian charity, Madalitso.

Mrs Perrott said: “I first went out to Malawi in 2007 with Madalitso when they set up literacy groups to teach children to read.

“They were giving out Bibles, but there wasn’t much point in giving out Bibles if the people couldn’t read them.

“So we set up a clinic, a local person registered them and tested their vision, then they would come to see us and we would write the strength of the prescription. That’s when they would say “I can see.”

“So there’s a big need for glasses out there. They can get them but they are very expensive bearing in mind their earnings.”

Mrs Perrott was joined on her trip by fellow optometrist Sarah Dineen.

The duo held nine clinics in eight different locations.

They saw more than 1,000 people and dispensed 863 pairs of glasses.