Pain for charity’s gain

Asda Glasshoughton charity leg wax.'Stefan Sharp and Julie Shields.'p4783a112
Asda Glasshoughton charity leg wax.'Stefan Sharp and Julie Shields.'p4783a112

IT will be no pain, no gain for a pair of daring supermarket workers who have volunteered to have their legs waxed to raise money for the Laila Milly Foundation.

Stefan Sharp and Steven Hunter, employees at Asda in Glass Houghton, will be put through the painful beauty treatment in front of crowds of shoppers during a fundraising day on Saturday March 26.

Colleague Mark Lee will be having his head shaved and every staff member will come to work dressed as a character from their favourite Disney film.

Every penny raised from sponsorship and donations on the day will go to the Laila Milly Foundation and be used to create a day nursery in Kirkby Road, Hemsworth, for young children with serious and complex illnesses.

Asda’s fundraising day has been organised by events co-ordinator Eileen Passmore, who will be Pocahontas for the day to join in with the fancy dress theme.

She said: “Saturday will be brilliant. The leg waxing will have people crowding round to have a look at what is going on and we are all really looking forward to having a fun day.

“The staff have really good costumes, Bo Jangles fancy dress shop in Pontefract has been great and helped us out with those.

“There will be raffles and collections and other things going on all day and we are planning to get the waxing started at around 2pm. I get a lot of charities asking for our help and I’d really love to be able to help them all, but we can’t.

“When I read about the Laila Milly Foundation it touched my heart, it is a great local charity and I’m glad we can help.”

Stefan, who will be taking to the treatment table on Saturday, said: “I’m definitely getting my legs waxed and I am unsure about whether to get my chest waxed too, we’ll see.

“I am a bit nervous about what it’s going to feel like but excited too. I know it is all for a good cause, that is the reason I’m doing it. “Eileen asked me to get involved and when I found out more about the charity I got even more interested in it.”

Julie Shields, a beautician from The Beauty Tree, Leeds Road, has volunteered to do the waxing free or charge.

She said: “I am quite looking forward to inflicting a bit of pain on the poor boys all in aid of charity.

“It has taken some nerves for the boys to agree to get involved. It will be good to do the waxing in the public – hopefully it will draw in the crowds.”

The Express is looking for prizes to include in a silent auction as part of the Laila Milly’s Wish campaign. If your business can help please contact Sarah Whittle at or call 01977 702151.