Parking on pavements

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I HAVE just read a letter by Eric Hurst (Express, March 22) which highlights that cars park outside the parade of shops at the top end of Carlton Street

I worked in one of these shops for a number of years and know it does happen, but was surprised to find that after Eric had spoken to a traffic warden and community police officer, it was suggested that nothing could be done because they were not causing an obstruction.

When working in the shop, there was an old, unused A-frame stand that was unable to be placed outside the shop on the same pavement because it was deemed to cause an obstruction. I would have thought a vehicle took more room than an A-frame advertising board.

I think the pavement is too wide and should be relaid as a smaller pavement with the excess actually turned into a ten- minute waiting area. This would benefit pedestrians and the shops adjacent.

After all, people walking along it into town will end up reaching a standard size pavement outside the Lamplighter pub anyway.


Harewood Avenue