Parking plight ‘ridiculous’

AFTER reading the article about our plight with the BP petrol station on Wakefield Road, Featherstone (Express, October 6) I feel I must tell our story in full.

Mr Patel’s claim that we have only been parking on the land recently is a joke, some of the residents have been here since our houses were built and will attest to the fact that all residents of Mill Cottages have parked there since they moved in.

The only way to get to the land is over Mr Patel’s forecourt. This was not an issue until the MOT garage reopened. Since then my car has been blocked in and liberties taken with my land.

As far as affecting business, this is even more ridiculous. Since the MOT part reopened the residents have worked together with Mr Patel’s tenant to utilise the land to benefit all parties. All Mr Patel has done is effectively taken five spaces that cars used to use and clogged up his own forecourt.

As for his comments about forcing a right of way, the people of Mill Cottages just want to enjoy their land as they have in previous times. The only forcing being done is that by Mr Patel, who has forced us off our land.

My wife and I are not getting any younger, we are now forced to park away from the house which means we have to carry shopping and other goods even further.

Selling houses is an issue these days, my house is effectively a good part of my retirement fund and this will not help.

An incident occurred at the garage once which we reported promptly to the police, one of the neighbours went and sat with a member of Mr Patel’s night staff until they arrived. This is how he repays us.

Finally, I can appreciate that Wakefield Council cannot get involved directly, but we are trying to get Featherstone cleaned up and back on the map. It is not a great sight when the first thing you see coming from the Wakefield side is something that looks like a war zone. Surely the council could exert a little pressure?


Mill Cottages