Parking powers plan approved

Cropped car and yellow lines
Cropped car and yellow lines
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PLANS to transfer parking powers to Wakefield Council have been rubber stamped by council chiefs.

Cabinet committee members approved proposals on Tuesday to take over parking enforcement from West Yorkshire Police. The report recommended the local authority adopt the Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) plan which will see offences such as parking on single or double yellow lines treated as civil offences.

Andy Wallhead, corporate director for regeneration and economic growth, said: “CPE will help keep the district moving by making sure that vehicles are parked properly to reduce congestion on roads and improve safety to road users and pedestrians.

“Inappropriate parking blocks roads and can cause disruption to emergency services and bus routes. We would like to make sure that there are fewer blockages on the roads to help keep everyone across the district moving.

“By introducing CPE we can ensure that time limits for the length of stay in our parking areas are observed, making more parking spaces available. Managing our car parks in this way will support development in our city, town and village centres to keep them viable.”

The council will now take responsibility for both on and off street parking, including council car parks.

West Yorkshire Police will still retain responsibility for dangerous parking, obstruction offences, failing to comply with ‘no parking’ signs and moving traffic offences and infringements.