Passion for music

I READ Ian Clayton’s column (Express September 6) with interest and smiled that he didn’t know some of the bands his son was taking about after attending the Leeds Festival.

Kids often are aware and sometimes like music their parents listen to but ask parents about kids’ music and you often find befuddlement from the parents.

The article about Kevin Reynolds and CAT Club was also interesting. I am aware of this club. There is a similar event that has been running for years, Fat Club. Not an acronym but based on middle aged blokes with a bit of a paunch being the main attendees!

This is run by a local man, Jock, on Wednesdays. It is not as structured as CAT Club but has always run on the same principle. Friends and like minded people sharing their music over a beer. This has now evolved and members also have the opportunity to record music too. A couple of people who attend Kevin’s club have been attending Fat Club for a number of years.

Music speaks to people and can evoke many emotions. It creates memories, passion, excitement and many other feelings. It is very obviously important to people and I have always had a passion for it.

First Fat Club and now CAT Club. I would assume there are other meetings like this in existence. Music brings people together.

As Shakespeare wrote in Twelfth Night: “If music be the food of love, play on.”


Carleton View