Anxiety support from Castle Counselling

Pontefract residents in need of a little TLC after a very challenging year can find help and advice at the end of the phone from an experienced therapist.

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Thursday, 1st April 2021, 2:35 pm
"The coronavirus pandemic has magnified a real impact on every area of life,” says Therese

Therese Hunter, who runs Castle Counselling, is more than happy to support anyone with tips on managing anxiety as well as details of local services that can help.

A former experienced nurse and senior counsellor for the NHS, she’s keen to “acknowledge the personal impacts that coronavirus has had at every level” – and to offer support where needed.

“I’m available to provide coping strategies for anxiety or depression for people who might not know where to turn,” explains Therese, an accredited counsellor who works with children, young people and adults “on every issue that could possibly come through the door”.

“There are strategies and support available so individuals can reclaim a sense of purpose and direction, a sense of self.”

She offers counselling for everything from generalised anxiety and depression to family issues, relationship issues or developing self-esteem, as well as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), according to people’s needs.

Many issues have become intensified by the stress of lockdown as well as the accompanying health and financial worries, and Therese is keen to acknowledge how difficult change can be for everyone.

“Wellbeing is not just an absence of ill health – the coronavirus pandemic has magnified a real impact on every area of life,” she explains. “Everyone at some point may require some support to have their needs met. There is no judgement call in that, everyone deserves an immediacy of support and kindness.”

These unprecedented times have also brought communities together across the country in many ways and Therese plans to set up a number of support groups when restrictions ease sufficiently, with a men’s group and a women’s group, as well as drop-in sessions for young adults – with the emphasis firmly on moving forward.

“Support can be light-hearted, it doesn’t need to be dire,” she adds with a smile. “It’s about recognising our strengths as well as our challenges.

“I would say to people: don’t hold off, it’s okay to feel vulnerable and challenged.

“Sometimes it can help to access someone with a different knowledge base, who’s outside friends and family, to make decisions that aren’t watered down through worry about people we love, and that’s where I come in.

“We have got a wonderful community here in Pontefract and the surrounding areas and there is a lot of support there, so as well as my counselling service I can help direct people to other areas of support if necessary.”

Her experience within the NHS as a staff counsellor means she is also able to offer a private and secure base for professionals who may need to talk to someone.

The cost of counselling sessions starts at £50; those who can’t afford that should still get in touch to see if Therese can help.

To book a consultation or ask for advice, call 07908 572 731 today or fill in the contact form on the Castle Counselling website.