Dog walking centre in Wakefield village is approved despite objections

A dog walking centre in a Wakefield village has been granted planning permission despite residents concerns over barking, privacy, and a 6ft fence.

Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 11:40 am
Water Lane, Middlestown. Picture by Google

The facility will be located at 61 Water Lane in Middlestown.

Planning officers approved the plans subject to a number of condition, including dogs only being walked 9am to 5pm on Monday to Friday, no more than two dogs being walked at a time, and no additional lighting installed.

But 16 residents wrote letters of objection to Wakefield Council over the plans.

The comments included:

"My main objection would be to one of noise. If a number of dogs are to be exercised either together or even singularly there will be barking and the enclosure is situated immediately behind a number of residential properties."

"Having recently moved to Water lane with the sole purpose of retirement in mind, the potential noise levels would be unbearable. This application will also lead to not only environmental issues due to increased traffic activities regarding access to Water Lane, but also to safety issues. The street is already heavily congested with vehicles, and the safety of the residents, particularly the children, should be of paramount importance."

"Totally unsuitable for the area and why would anyone pay to walk their dogs around a field when the beautiful coxley woods are less than 100 yards away."

"It is unacceptable that I will lose privacy in my back garden, something I have enjoyed for many years, I often work outside or enjoy relaxing in the peaceful environment. This proposal will be detrimental and catastrophic to the wildlife habitat which includes herons, pheasants, foxes and birds."