Purston E-Act Academy in special measures

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Purston E-Act Academy has been placed into special measures following a recent Ofsted inspection.

The Pontefract Road school in Featherstone, was judged to be inadequate in a report published today.

It said that not enough pupils make the progress they should, and that standards are too low. Teachers’ were criticised for having low expectations of students and inspectors said staff absence was causing ‘significant disruption’ to students’ learning.

Ofsted says that a school that requires special measures, is one which is failing to give students an ‘acceptable standard’ of education, and where leaders, managers or governors have not demonstrated they have the capacity to secure necessary improvement.

But the report added: “The new interim principal and his recently appointed team, have quickly grasped the scale of the improvements needed. They are taking swift action to get the academy back on track.”

The 380-pupil school will now receive regular monitoring inspections by Ofsted inspectors.