Six-year-old's idea to clean the streets of Pontefract brings family together for community sweep

A family got sick of seeing the littering and fly tipping near their children's school near Half Penny Lane on Minden Way, so they took matters into their own hands and cleaned up the area.

Friday, 31st January 2020, 10:31 am
Updated Friday, 31st January 2020, 12:56 pm
The family were fed up with seeing littering on Minden Way

Kayleigh Follows, her niece and nephew, Cameron and Elissa, her daughter, Isabella, and their grandmother, June Robinson spent hours litter picking in the area yesterday.

Kayleigh said: “It is a very active area, it’s so close to the school and the littering on the paths is disgusting.

“We’ve seen sofas, mattresses, TVs, duvet covers and even a bag full of plates on the walk to school.

Its a very active area, its so close to the school and the littering on the paths is disgusting."

“It’s sad having to keep telling the kids to watch out for glass while they play on the way.

“It was Cameron, who’s only six years old, who said he wanted to litter pick, his sister and Isabella wanted to help him too.

“We all got fed up with seeing it every day so we took matters into our own hands to make a difference.”

The family suited up in their gloves and warm clothes set off to clean up the area, June even bought the children a litter grabber for the occasion.

The children had fun on their litter pick

Between them all, they managed to fill five bin liners full of litter in two hours.

They rang the council, who Kayleigh says were very grateful, and they came to pick up the bags full of litter for disposal.

The Children's school thanked them for their efforts and there will be a school assembly on littering.

June said: “It's always been bad but It’s getting worse in that area, it shouldn’t be down to a six year old boy to want to make a difference.

Kayleigh Follows and her three children Cameron, Elissa and Isabella and their grandmother, June Robinson

“It’s clean for now but how long will that last before it gets bad again? If people don’t report it, the council will be none the wiser.

“I think we could all do our bit to at least report littering when we see it, I was really poorly but still found a bit of time to do a bit.

“I’m going to buy some more grabbers for the children, they seemed to really enjoy it so we’re going to go out and do it again in the future.”

The girls help each other litter pick
Kayleigh Follows, her niece and nephew, Cameron and Elissa, daughter Isabella and their grandmother, June Robinson