UFO sightings near Knottingley

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A keen astronomer says he has captured a UFO and hundreds of orbs on his camera in the skies between Wakefield and Knottingley.

Jack O’Brien, 44, first noticed the unusual lights on photographs he had taken while cycling in April.

Businessman Mr O’Brien took the images close to his home and thought he had captured a shooting star on his camera.

But when he looked closely at the photographs he noticed a number of orbs in the sky.

And since then Mr O’Brien has been out with his camera most nights and says he has seen hundreds more of the lights appearing and then disappearing.

He also says he has spotted a UFO and has seen other brightly lit objects, which he describes as “looking like children’s dot-to-dot pictures” moving through the sky.

He said: “It starts at around 9pm every night and goes on until dawn. It’s utterly mind-boggling - I’ve never seen anything like it before.

“It has intrigued me but it’s also quite weird and scary seeing them. The thing that shocked me the most was seeing what looked like a figure emerging from a spaceship.

“Sometimes I can see things with my naked eye but other times the camera picks up on orbs that aren’t visible to me - it’s fascinating.”

Have you spotted any unusual or unearthly lights and objects moving through the skies?

If so contact the Express newsroom on 01924 433013.