PGI ‘has been dismembered’

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SO who is lying, the health trust and local MPs or Andrew Lansley health minister who denies there is a problem about a doctor shortage?

Either way heads need banging together. And Trickett and Cooper, let’s not forget it was on your watch that you allowed a perfectly good hospital to be dismembered.

Don’t try and blame current NHS reforms for current problems. What happened to the plethora of doctors we had at PGI? I suspect the health trust and previous government simply ground them down and they could not wait to leave.

How long can this discredited trust and MPs continue to waffle on and put lives at risk? We need changes now. People are at serious risk while all the inepts posture and try to lay blame at everyone except themselves.

It’s about time people fell on their swords and did right by people and not in their self-interest. I challenge Lansley to prove there is no shortage and sort out this ridiculous situation.


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