Picture brought back memories

I WAS so pleased when I saw the photo of the Hightown bridge in Castleford and read about the makeover it has had.

It took me back to my early childhood. I was born at High Oxford Street, a few doors away from the Crown Hotel on the corner of Aketon Road, now all demolished.

Before I was five I desperately wanted to go to school, so my mother took me to Hightown Church School but Mr Heritage, the headmaster, wouldn’t take me so shortly afterwards I went to Welbeck Street School.

The following year I was accompanied by my brother when he was five. We cut down Catlow Street, then under the bridge if the gates were closed, twice every day as we came home for dinner from noon to 1pm.

When I was ten we moved to Lumley Street, Hightown, near the hospital gates, so we had much further to walk to school.

I left Welbeck Street School when I was 12, having passed my scholarship (that’s what it was called in those days) and went to Normanton Girls’ High School.

I didn’t want to leave when I was 16 as I loved every moment of my schooldays, receiving the best education anyone could have.

During the war I worked in the police station in Castleford and still used to walk to work under the bridge or the crossing.

So I would think it is nearer 100 years ago that the underpass was built, probably at the same time that Tickle Cock Bridge was also built as they are very similar.

I do hope Network Rail will take the hint and have the dilapidated wooden signal office removed before it collapses altogether. I noticed it recently when I was in the car with my daughter.

Many thanks to all who have contributed in getting the renovation.

Well done, money well spent.


Redhill Mount