Pig farm plan fight goes on

Furious residents will keep fighting plans for a 1,500 animal pig farm on their doorstep.

Townsend Planning Consultants have resubmitted proposals for a temporary mobile home on the site of a 1,500 animal pig farm on the boundary between Badsworth and Upton.

The Planning Inspectorate threw out an appeal for the mobile home aspect of the plan in April, but gave the three livestock buildings at Beaconfield Road the green light.

But campaigners say they will not back down with their concerns.

Julie Carritt, of Manor View, said: “I’m absolutely fuming. I’m very proactive about this and have told everyone to object. At the end of the day, it has been kicked out twice. I would hope the council will look at it in the same light. It should be the same outcome – I will be objecting and everyone is ready to do the same.”

Planning chiefs refused plans for the pig farm more than a year ago on the grounds of traffic impact, loss of amenity and the visual impact.

In April, the Planning Inspectorate gave the go-ahead for the livestock buildings and denied plans for a mobile home on the site.

Townsend Planning Consultants resubmitted the plans on behalf of the applicant, Chris Hopkinson, last month.

Coun Martyn Ward, who represents Ackworth and Upton, said: “It was deemed unnecessary for a mobile home to be on that piece of land. I can’t see anything that’s changed from last time.”

Michael Townsend told the Express the application has been amended in accordance with guidance from the Inspectorate.

He said: “There were two concerns – one with the mobile home which was too far away from the buildings, so we have moved it closer. The other was asking for more information about pig welfare, which we have provided. The Inspectorate had no problems with all the other issues residents raised and invited us to resubmit the application.

“Under the circumstances, we are hopeful.”