Planning rule ‘astonishing’

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I WAS astonished to read the news item (Express January 19) regarding planning enforcement made upon Jolie Maison.

Apparently they had allegedly infringed regulations regarding the size of the shop front sign and of the height of the hanging sign was too high! Wakefield Council says that it regularly reviews signage in the town centre because it is a conservation area.

It ought to be enforcing that conservation area status on its own markets department for leaving market stalls erected during non-market days.

The bare stalls are unsightly, unsafe and have a negative effect on shoppers, tourism and disabled people. Yet despite objections by Pontefract Civic Society, Pontefract Groups Together, Pontefract Community Partnerships and Pontefract Town Centre Partnership no action is taken by the planning department. Is it one rule for them and another for the small business?

Incidentally, the Express picture shows the appearance of Jolie Maison is more beneficial to a conservation area than its neighbour.


Westfield Avenue