Plea for cut in speed limit

IN reply to Bob Williams’ letter in the Express October 11, I take on board some of the comments raised by him.

I have been taking my grandchildren to school for almost six years now and in all that time I have only on two occasions seen cars parked either side of the road and on both those occasions it was a singular car not lines of cars.

Cars parked down the hill do not make this road a single track road and cars come flying both up and down the road at great speed, on many occasions the drivers are not paying full attention as they are busy talking on their mobile phones.

Yes it’s wrong, but saying that won’t keep our little ones safe.

On the occasions mentioned where parents have pulled their children to safety, this was whilst crossing the road, having been signalled by our very brave lollipop lady, who had stopped the traffic to allow parents and children to cross, when speeding drivers have overtaken the stopped cars, having not seen the lollipop lady in the middle of the road, even though she is dressed in high vis coat and hat, holding the stop sign.

These near misses happen often to her and she should be given a medal for the job she does.

People have been stopping me and passing on their comments agreeing that something needs to be done, even though they don’t have children at the school, as the amount of traffic using the road had increased greatly.

So please let’s have a speed reduction and pelican crossing with speed cameras on before we have a fatility.


Cleveland Avenue