Plea to prime minister

DEAR prime minister, if you will listen instead of flying out the country, why don’t you go to Dover and get on a ferry?

Before you board, try and count the number of foreign trucks that are coming to our country.

Thousands a day, they come here and don’t pay a penny in road tax, they don’t buy fuel, food or anything else, it costs them nothing.

They can get off the ferry, if they don’t use the Dartford tunnel they can go where they want free of charge.

I have driven trucks in Europe for a lot of years for a local firm. It used to cost the firm about £5.80 a day to run in most EU countries, which had to be paid at Calais or before you got on board the ferry.

Instead of taxing fuel, pensions, airports, pasties – which have now become a huge part of my diet since you’ve taxed my pensions – you could raise a lot of money taxing these trucks.

Its been in the pipeline for years but nothing is ever done. If you do you might be able to knock a bob or two off what is being stolen from us in taxes.


Wood Lane