Police patrol station after ‘parking issues’

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Police will regularly patrol areas in and around Fitzwilliam Railway Station after complaints about parked cars causing obstructions.

Officers from the South East Neighbourhood Policing team patrolled the site earlier this week to monitor parking issues.

A post on the NPT Facebook page on Monday read: “Officers have been patrolling the area today to try to monitor and deal with any parking issues which may require enforcement.

“There have been no issues with how the vehicles have been parked in the vicinity. No parking tickets have been issued today.

“This will be regularly patrolled and this is to advise if anyone is found to have parked their vehicle in an inconsiderate manner to other road users or which may cause an obstruction then parking tickets may be issued.”

Wakefield Council approved a scheme to create more parking spaces in Fitzwilliam earlier this year.

Councillors were told that the railway station and Fitzwilliam Country Park car park were no longer big enough to accommodate the increasing number of visitors and commuters.

Ann Westmorland, Fitzwilliam councillor at Hemsworth Town Council said the problem had led to “congestion and traffic chaos” in the village, with cars parking on residential streets and motorists being blocked in by other road users. She welcomed news that new spaces would be created.

Wakefield Council hopes to fund the project through the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

Work could start on the scheme in August.