Boundary Commission plan will rip up political map

Yvette Cooper MP.
Yvette Cooper MP.

Sweeping changes to the district’s political map could be made under government plans to cut the number of MPs in parliament.

Pontefract and Castleford would be split into separate constituencies under proposals by the Boundary Commission.

Jon Trickett MP.

Jon Trickett MP.

Labour’s Yvette Cooper currently holds the Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford seat.

Under the plans, Pontefract would become a constituency in its own right and include the village of Whitley, near Selby in North Yorkshire, along with South Kirkby and South Elmsall.

Normanton and Castleford would be in a separate constituency with Outwood near Wakefield and Byram and Brotherton.

Hemsworth, the seat currently held by Labour’s Jon Trickett, would become part of a new Barnsley East and Hemsworth constituency. It would also include Crofton, Walton and Ryhill.

Elsewhere, Morley would join a new Morley and Batley constituency and Batley and Spen would be split into two constituencies.

The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) released the initial proposals on Tuesday. It said in a statement: “Following a decision by Parliament to reduce the number of constituencies in the UK to 600 from 650, and to ensure that the number of electors in each constituency is more equal, the BCE has been asked to make independent recommendations about where the boundaries of English constituencies should be.

“The BCE must report to Parliament in 2018 and, if agreed by Parliament, the new constituencies will be in use at the next scheduled General Election in 2020.”