Every planning application made in Wakefield this week

The demolition of a cattery,the erection of 161 homes and replacement lighting areon the cards for Wakefield, according to this week's planning applications.
The demolition of a cattery,the erection of 161 homes and replacement lighting areon the cards for Wakefield, according to this week's planning applications.

The demolition of a cattery, the erection of 161 homes and replacement lighting are on the cards for Wakefield, according to this week's planning applications.

These are all the planning applications validated by Wakefield Council in the week beginning Monday, July 29, 2019.

Whether you want to find out what's going on on your street, or you're just feeling curious, take a look at the list below to find out exactly what's planned for the dstrict.

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⚫ Single story extension, Gargrave Place, Wakefield, 53 Gargrave Place Wakefield WF2 8AR

Single storey rear extension with maximum projection of 4.387m, maximum height of eaves 3.92m and maximum height of eaves 2.84m. Ref. No: 19/01685/GPD

⚫ Ackworth School, Ackworth School Pontefract Road Ackworth Pontefract WF7 7LT

To undertake all the work specified in the Tree Survey submitted with the application Ref. No: 19/01688/TCA

⚫ Single storey extension, 3 Blossom Way Castleford WF10 5TY

Single Storey Extension to rear maximum overall projection 4.725M, maximum overall height 2.965 and maximum height to eaves 2.965. Ref. No: 19/01675/GPD

⚫ Single storey rear extension, 19 East Close Pontefract WF8 3NS

Single storey rear extension. Ref. No: 19/01681/CPL

⚫ Two detached homes, 2 Mill Hill Lane Pontefract WF8 4JA

Residential development for 2no. detached dwellings, Ref. No: 19/01668/FUL​

⚫ Removal of trees, Top Croft Purston Lane Ackworth Pontefract WF7 7EQ

Remove T1 (conifer), T2 (conifer), T3 (Silver Birch), T4 (Maple); T5 & T6 (50% Reduction) Ref. No: 19/01666/TCA

⚫ Single storey extension, 49 Marshall Avenue Hall Green Wakefield WF4 3LQ

Single storey rear extension with maximum projection of 3.30m, maximum height of 4.00m, maximum height of eaves of 2.60m. Ref. No: 19/01658/GPD

⚫ Two storey side extension, 10 Mayfield Court, Ossett, Wakefield, WG5 OSG

Two storey side extension. Ref. No: 19/01662/FUL

⚫ Tree preservation, 4 Westfield Grove, Wakefield, WF1 3RS

T1 Beech - draw back branches to clear building by 3m, remove ivy, crown lift to 5.5m over highway, crown lift to 4m over drive and gdn; 15% thin. Ref. No: 19/01659/TPO

⚫ Demolition of cattery and construction of house, 60 Blacker Lane, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DW​

Application for 1no dwelling following demolition of existing cattery, including part return of land to Greenfield (Variation to Approval 17/02767/FUL). Ref. No: 19/01645/FUL

⚫ Construction of a water storage tank, Refresco Drinks UK Limited, Bondgate, Pontefract, WF8 2LH

Construction of a water storage tank in association with the Refresco Drinks factory. Ref. No: 19/01653/FUL

⚫ 10 landscaped parking places, Refresco Drinks UK Limited, Bondgate, Pontefract, WF8 2LH

Change of use from open space to the provision of 10 landscaped parking places adjacent to the private access road leading to the existing Refresco factory. Ref. No: 19/01652/FUL

⚫ Drawing back of branches, Catchpenny Farm, Hemsworth Lane, Fitzwilliam, Pontefract, WF9 5AZ

Drawing back of branches by 1m from cables to give clear line of sight when cables replaced. Ref. No: 19/01647/TPO​

⚫ Two storey side and rear extension, 246 Kingsway, Ossett, WF5 8DX

Demolition of existing attached garage and erection of two storey side and rear extension. Ref. No: 19/01646/FUL

⚫ Two storey extension, 13 Valley View Road, Ossett, Wakefield, WF5 8LZ

Two storey extension to side. Ref. No: 19/01657/FUL

⚫ Rear extension, 8 Leopold Street, Ossett, Wakefield, WF5 OHY

Single storey rear extension with maximum projection of 4m from original rear wall, maximum height of 3.5m and maximum height of eaves 2.8m. Ref. No: 19/01650/GPD

⚫ Proposed dwelling, Ouchthorpe Lane (Land Off), Wakefield, WF1 3HS

Construction of proposed dwelling. Ref. No: 19/01634/OUT

⚫ Single storey rear extension, 21 Badger Close, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3QD

Single storey rear extension with maximum projection of 5.6m, maximum height of 3.8m and maximum height of eaves 2.6m. Ref. No: 19/01631/GPD

⚫ Demolition of buildings and erection of 161 homes, Pope Street (Land At) Altofts Normanton WF6 2RH

Full planning application for the demolition of the buildings associated with Bridgeland Grange Farm and the erection of 161 residential units (C3), substation, associated car parking, garages; vehicular, pedestrian and cycle access and infrastructure; foul and surface water drainage infrastructure, public open space and landscape, with vehicular access from Pope Street. Ref. No: 19/01632/FUL

⚫ Certificate of Lawfulness, 45 Station Lane, Featherstone, Pontefract, WF7 5BJ

Certificate of Lawfulness for existing use as a single dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) at first floor. Ref. No: 19/01629/CPE

⚫ Replacement lighting, County Hall, Bond Street, Wakefield WF1 2QW

Replacement lighting to rooms 123, 125 and 226, associated works. Ref. No: 19/01633/LBC

⚫ Two storey extension with canopy, 5 Everdale Mount, Hemsworth, Pontefrat, WF9 4PR

Two storey extension to side with canopy (resubmission of application 18/02605/FUL).Ref. No: 19/01624/FUL

⚫ Free Cash Withdrawals Sign, 151 Agbrigg Road, Wakefield, WF1 5AU

Integral illumination and screen to the ATM fascia Internally illuminated Free Cash Withdrawals sign above the ATM Blue LED halo illumination to the surround. Ref. No: 19/01623/ADV

⚫ Retrospective: installation of an ATM, 151 Agbrigg Road, Wakefield, WF1 5AU

The retrospective application for the installation of an ATM installed through a secure panel to the far left hand side of the shop front. Ref. No: 19/01622/FUL

⚫ Single storey extension, 1 Rae Court, Stanley, Wakefield, WF3 4PN

Single storey extension to front and side. Ref. No: 19/01612/FUL

⚫ Two storey rear extension, 15A Mill Hill Lane, Pontefract, WF8 4JA.

Two storey rear extension. Ref. No: 19/01610/FUL

⚫ Toilets for Kirkgate Railway Station, Kirkgate Station, Monk Street, Wakefield WF1 4EL

Use of empty room for toilet facilities. Toilet facilities to be accessed from platform 1. The proposal involves internal alterations in addition to replacement windows and a replacement door. Ref. No: 19/01600/LBC 19/01599/FUL

⚫ Single story extension, 3 Bluebell Lane, Upton, Pontefract, WF9 1NE

Single storey rear extension with maximum projection of 5.625m, maximum height of 3.40m and maximum height of eaves 2.40m. Ref. No: 19/01593/GPD

⚫ Triple detached garage, 11 Cow Lane, Knottingley, WF11 9BY

Triple detached garage and new access. Ref. No: 19/01604/FUL

⚫ Extensions, including attic extension, 48 Horbury Road, Ossett, Wakefield, WF5 OBT

Double storey, single storey and attic extensions to existing dwelling with the addition of a single storey attached garage. Ref. No: 19/01603/FUL

⚫ Increase capacity from 300 to 330 residents, Urban House, Love Lane, Wakefield, WF2 9AF

Variation of condition 1 (maximum number of occupants) from approved application 15/00127/FUL dated 28 April 2015 (Variation of condition 2 (to accommodate up to 300 residents) pursuant to application 01/99/12454/AK (Change of use from prison service college to residential hostel)) comprising an increase from 300 to 330 residents, conversion of squash courts to communal lounge space including new windows and new accessible entrance ramp. Ref. No: 15/00127/S7301

⚫ Demolition of former health centre, W&T, Nettleton High Street, Horbury, Wakefield

Demolition of former health centre and detached garage. Erection of extension to existing furniture store for A1 retail use and formation of 9 car parking spaces (part within a conservation area). Ref. No: 19/01563/FUL

⚫ Application for a house, 9 Carleton Road (land Adj), Pontefract, WF8 3NA

Outline application for a single dwelling-house with all matters reserved. Ref. No: 19/01548/OUT

⚫ New garage and first floor in roof space, Stocksmoor Grange Bungalow, Stocksmoor Road, Midgley, Wakefield, WF4 4JQ​

Existing ridge height to be increased by 2.2m with new first floor created in roof space. Existing door and window openings modified to allow for amended internal layout. Existing prefabricated garage to be demolished and new masonry garage constructed. Ref. No: 19/01543/FUL

⚫ Single storey extension, 481 Leeds Road, Wakefield, WF1 2JD

Single storey side extension. Ref. No: 19/01483/FUL

⚫ Four bedroom house, Adjacent, Addingford Hill, Shepstye Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BE

New build 4 bedroom dwelling. Ref. No: 19/01457/FUL

⚫ First floor extension, 57 South Parade, Ossett, Wakefield, WF5 0EF

First floor extension to rear. Ref. No: 19/01454/FUL

⚫ Change of use from dwelling to museum, 6 Castle Chain, Pontefract, WF8 1QH

Change of use from dwelling (C3) to museum (D1), erection of ramp to main entrance and realignment of disabled parking spaces. Ref. No: 19/01344/LBC Ref. No: 19/01343/FUL

⚫Non-illuminated double sided sign, 25 Barnes Road, Castleford, WF10 5AB

One 1200mm x 1000mm non illuminated double sided post mounted sign. Ref. No: 19/01315/ADV

⚫ Extension to replace conservatory, 39 Almshouse Lane, Newmillerdam, Wakefield, WF2 7ST

Demolition of the existing conservatory and replace with a new side and rear extension and construction of a new garage. Ref. No: 19/01213/FUL