General election candidates announced for the Wakefield district

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Parliamentary candidates in the May 7 general election have been announced.


Ashton, Steve - ​UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Maqueen, ​Mary - Liberal Democrats

Pearson, ​Christopher James - Conservative

Roberts, Martin Paul - ​Yorkshire First

Trickett, ​Jon Hedley - ​Labour Party

Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford

Cooper, ​Yvette - ​Labour Party

Garbutt. ​Nathan - ​UK Independence Party (UKIP)

McMillan-Scott, ​Edward Hugh Christian - Liberal Democrats

Prescott, ​Beth - Conservative


Barr, ​Elliot - ​Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol Party

Calvert, Antony Jaimes - Conservative

Creagh. Mary Helen - ​Labour Party

Cronin, ​Finbarr - ​Liberal Democrats

Griffiths, Mick - ​Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC)

Hazelhurst, ​Alan - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Thackray, Rebecca Jandrell - ​Green Party

Morley and Outwood

Balls, Ed - Labour Party

Craven, Arnie - Yorkshire First

Dews, David Alan - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Hemingway,Martin Francis - Green Party

Jenkyns,Andrea Marie - Conservative Party

Taylor, Rebecca Elisabeth - Liberal Democrats

Elmet and Rothwell

Brooks,Dave- Green Party

Golton, Stewart Liberal Democrats

King, Veronica Marie - Labour Party

Shelbrooke, Alec - Conservative party

Spivey, Paul - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Selby and Ainsty

Adams, Nigel- Conservative Party

Hayes, Mark - Labour arty

Heath, Colin -UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Richards, Ian George- Green Party

Turner , Nicola Jane- Liberal Democrata

Wilson , Ian Laidlaw- Trade Unionist and Socialist Colaition (TUSC)