Parking warning after bin lorry forced to abandon collection on Castleford street

Glebe Street in Castleford
Glebe Street in Castleford

Residents are being warned about blocking streets after bin collections had to be abandoned several times on a Castleford street.

Mixed recycling was due to be collected last Tuesday around the Glebe Street area but Wakefield Council said the lorry was unable to pass along the narrow street due to a skip on part of the road.

Glynn Humphries, Wakefield Council’s service director streetscene said that around half of the bins around the street and neighbouring Hugh Street had to be left.

However, returning the next day and on Thursday, they were still unable to access the roads because of parked cars blocking the way.

They were eventually collected on Friday.

Mr Humphries added: “Although every effort will always be made to locate the owners of cars blocking access, we’d like to remind residents not to obstruct these roads on bin collection days.”