Politically Speaking by Andrea Jenkyns MP: A single voice is able to change the world...

November is a special and symbolic month playing host to Remembrance Day; an opportunity to collectively remember the selfless sacrifices made by those who were willing to lay down their lives for the cause of freedom.

Friday, 12th November 2021, 12:30 pm
Andrea Jenkyns MP meeting with Chris Lawson of the Wakefield OWLS Junior Football Club, who are searching for a new ground.

Andrea Jenkyns MP writes: As we come together, at this time, to remember the fallen, it is also important to remember the future and the cause for which they fought and to instil these same values in each and every generation.

November also plays host to National Mentoring Week, and I’ll be doing my bit by speaking with students from across our area about how they can get involved in politics, and (I’m sure) find many young people who will, one day, end up sitting on those famous green benches.

Supporting young people’s engagement in politics is an important aspect of my job.

And this week I spoke with sixth-form students at Woodkirk Academy, as part of ‘The Politics Project’, who define their mission as “…supporting young people and politicians to have powerful conversations.”

I was also pleased to be able to visit Outwood Grange and meet with their leadership team to discuss post-16 opportunities for school leavers in our area, including apprenticeships, vocational qualifications, and university.

As part of my constituency work, I pay regular visits to schools across Morley and Outwood.

It is always refreshing to see young peoples’ hope in the future and, most importantly, their understanding that a single voice is able to change the world.

This is the message that I try to leave all young people with.

As an example, in April, year six students at Stanley Grove School wrote to me with their political priorities (as part of PSHCE lessons) from tackling litter in the playground to building more homes for local wildlife.

I was pleased to be able to write back to each student, and then visit and answer their questions about my role, and hear all about their school council.

Last week I was pleased to visit the Coca-Cola manufacturing plant, in Outwood, to hear all about the post-pandemic developments at their site, including their investment into new electric forklifts.

I was pleased to learn, as part of these developments, that Coca-Cola have committed to hiring new staff, here in our area.

It’s fantastic to see investments of this kind being made and goes to shows the external positivity and optimism that exists for our local economy.

This optimism extends to other local groups, such as the Wakefield OWLS (Outwood, Wrenthorpe, Lofthouse, and Stanley) Junior Football Club, who are looking to invest in their own ground; allowing them to become a permanent fixture.

If you know of any land that may be suitable, please do let me know.

As always, if you are a resident of the Morley and Outwood constituency please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have a question, an issue that you feel that I could assist with or an invite to a local event.

Please email: [email protected]