Prime Minister condemns ‘appalling’ abuse suffered by Wakefield councillor

Coun Nic Stansby.
Coun Nic Stansby.

The Prime Minister has condemned “appalling” online abuse suffered by a recently elected Wakefield councillor, which has resulted in police visiting her home on a number of occasions.

Morley and Outwood MP Andrea Jenkyns claimed that her friend and colleague, Wrenthorpe councillor Nic Stansby, has been repeatedy trolled by “Momentum and Labour activists” since her election in May.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Ms Jenkyns said that  people had been waiting outside coun Stansby’s home in the dark and that her son, who has special needs, is now too scared to leave their house.

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She also alleged that one man had used his late wife’s social media account to troll Coun Stansby.

Ms Jenkyns told Parliament: “Police have been called to her home several times.

“They (the abusers) have hung around her home late at night.

“Would the Prime Minister join me in condemning this abhorrent intimidation of public officials?”

Responding, Theresa May said: “Can I say I’m sorry she’s been subjected to this appalling series of attacks?

“Across our democracy, we have different opinions, but it’s right we’re able to put those opinions forward.

“She should be able to get on with the job of representing her constituents, free of hatred and free of the abuse she appears to be getting.”

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Coun Stansby declined to comment on the exact nature of the abuse, but confirmed she had been trolled on social media and taunted “face-to-face”.

She said: “I expected a certain level of abuse in this day and age (when I was elected).

“I don’t feel intimidated by it. It doesn’t upset me. But I think a line has been crossed, especially when it affects a child.

“It’s not acceptable behaviour and the people doing it need to sort themselves out.”

Both the Labour Party and Momentum have been contacted for comment.