Voters in the Wakefield district: Why your polling station may be moved this year, and where

Where you go to cast your vote at election time may be about to change.

Tuesday, 21st January 2020, 5:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 21st January 2020, 5:36 pm

Wakefield Council is proposing changes to the location of some polling stations in various parts of the district.

Schools, community centres, churches and pop-up portable buildings are all typical destinations for voters at local, General and European elections.

But the bad news for children is that Wakefield Council is trying to avoid using some schools as polling stations in future to avoid "disrupting" their education.

The council has conducted a review of polling stations across the district. Trinity Methodist Church (pictured), in the Wakefield East ward, is among the many venues where voters will still be able to have their say at election time.

It means that a day off for some pupils, when their school has to be closed to let voters in during the day, might be a thing of the past.

New homes and an increase in people living in the district is also driving the need for more polling stations to be set up in some places.

The local authority has proposed the following changes for each ward, though these are yet to be set in stone.

If approved however, they are likely to take effect before the next batch of local elections in May this year.

The proposed changes will be considered by the council next week.

Your polling card, which is sent out by the council before every election, will tell you definitively where you need to vote on the day.

Ackworth, North Elmsall and Upton

It's proposed a new polling station be set up at Brackenhill Community Centre, in Ackworth.

The council says there's a "clear need" for one here, as it needs facilities within a reasonable distance of new homes in the area.

Most polling stations will remain unchanged.

Their report adds: "Although there is no parking at Brackenhill Community Centre itself there is sufficient on-street parking close by."

Airedale and Ferry Fryston

The Hut, off Kershaw Avenue, is being considered as an alternative to Airedale Infant School.

Fryston Community Centre may also be used as a polling station, to serve new homes around the New Fryston area.

Local elections will take place again in Wakefield this year.

Altofts and Whitwood

Three Lane Ends Infant School's use as a polling station is likely to be "reviewed on a year-by-year" basis the council says.

The council says it can't commit to not using it in future, but will try to keep up alternative arrangements if possible.

The Brig Community Centre in Altofts has been put forward as an alternative to using Lee Brigg Infant School as a station.

Castleford Central and Glasshoughton

The Civic Centre on Ferrybridge Road is to be considered as an alternative to Park Junior Academy.

Changes are being made to ensure everyone in the district has easy access to a polling station.

Crofton, Ryhill and Walton

No changes proposed.


A new polling station could be set up at Sharlston Community Centre.

The council has also tried to find a venue to serve voters in the village of New Sharlston, to avoid them having to leave the village to cast their vote. However, they've been unable to find one at present.


No changes proposed

Horbury and South Ossett

The Cluntergate Centre could be used as a polling station from now on, replacing Horbury Infants School


The council proposed to use the current premises of England Lane Primary School as a polling station.

The building itself will soon be vacant when the school moves to the site of the nearby De Lacy Academy.


All Saints Parish Rooms could be used instead of Normanton All Saints Primary School


Ossett Town Hall is likely to be axed as a polling station, with the council citing its lack of parking as one of the reasons.

Alternative provision will be looked at, with Kingsway Church, Holy Trinity Parish Centre and Ossett War Memorial Community Centre among possible venues.

Pontefract North

No changes proposed.

Pontefract South

A quirk of the system in Pontefract South has resulted in some voters passing one polling station to get to another one further away, where they are registered to vote.

The council has indicated they will fix this to allow those people to vote at the nearest station. Other than that, no changes are proposed.

South Elmsall and South Kirkby

No changes proposed.

Stanley and Outwood East

No changes proposed.

Wakefield East

Council officers may redraw a boundary around the new City Fields development, which straddles the border between Wakefield East and the Stanley and Outwood East ward.

For now though, people currently living in both areas aren't likely to see any change to where they vote.

Wakefield North

A former polling station at City Limits is now permanently unavailable, the council says.

Voters who used to have their say here have been using Ingsbeck Mews ever since, but they may eventually be redirected to New Wells Sheltered Housing, as it's felt it's a more prominent venue.

The council says it will assess the suitability of New Wells, to see if it's fit for purpose.

Wakefield Rural

Discussions will be held with Crigglestone St James' C of E School before each election about provision, and how to keep the school open on polling day. Indications are, however, that it's likely to be retained as a station.

No other changes are proposed for the ward.

Wakefield South

No changes proposed

Wakefield West

No changes proposed

Wrenthorpe and Outwood West

No changes proposed.

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