Pool ideas to tackle issues

COUNCILLOR Dagger assures us that Wakefield Council makes every effort to keep swimming pools clean and to a high hygienic standard (Express, June 16).

He could have fooled me, I was professionally trained more than 60 years ago and swim six days a week, recently doing a 200 length swim in just over two hours.

I can assure him that the pools are not dirty, they are filthy and they should not be because they are adequately staffed. Several of us moved from Pontefract to the new pool at Normanton when it opened, then because of problems which developed there we moved Featherstone. This was always the best pool of them all, namely because the majority of the staff there were trained by Jerry Windmill, the very last of the managers in Wakefield Metropolitan District Council.

I would challenge Coun Dagger to meet me and I will advise him how to control the situation should he wish? Rest assured I will convince him how to overcome the problem, the council may have to spend some money to rectify its problems.

There is a couple who come from Normanton almost every day to the best pool.


The Mount