Potholes are ‘a disgrace’

NOW that the coal board estate on Girnhill Lane, Featherstone, has been virtually demolished, I was shocked to find out what problems people have who live on the Verner estate travelling from their homes, through the demolished coal board estate.

The residents have to travel along Ashcroft Road, which was part of the coal board estate, to get to the shopping areas, or visit anyone by car.

The condition of this road is appalling, potholes on this road, from Girnhill Lane to the turn off into the Verner estate, are an absolute disgrace, and are potential accident spots which could cause injuries to anyone using the road.

Who is responsible for this road, and why has it been left so long in this condition?

The residents in this area have suffered for a considerable time, since the battle of the coal board estate began some years ago between the residents and WMDC.

Surely some temporary repairs can be made to the road to enable the residents and the emergency services to have safe journeys to and from the Verner estate until the new estate is built.


Priory Road