Potholes require a ‘duty of care’

I AM a taxi driver in Pontefract and before the article ‘Pothole misery for community’ (Express, June 2) was published I had been about to write to the paper.

Up to the recent local elections I and everyone else saw a flurry of activity regarding potholes and even some being filled in.

I was amazed that those at ‘Jenkins’ Folly’ (or Town End traffic lights) in Pontefract had been left alone from Southgate into Mill Hill and into Wakefield Road. More ‘not deep enough’ I shouldn’t wonder. Then following a road traffic accident on a Friday afternoon these holes were temporarily filled in at 5am. Deep enough now? No, locking the stable door after the horse has bolted.

I sympathise with those on Barnes Road but I warrant that those on Churchbalk Lane are equally as bad. I could list lots more, especially in my home town of Featherstone.

We have road safety committees full of Labour Party representatives and councillors – do they have trouble seeing these holes and the costly implications to drivers and potential injuries?

Come on, never mind the excuses. Action is required before someone is killed as a consequence. Will you have fulfilled your duty of care then?


(Featherstone Town Council)

Huntwick Crescent