Potholes ‘will keep popping up’

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WITH reference to the letter ‘Potholes listed status?’ (Express letters May 24), potholes need to be deep enough to get full compaction of the fill.

Too shallow and the asphalt will not bind sufficiently to prevent plucking out under pounding by traffic.

For a lasting repair the hole needs cutting back square, all loose material removed and tack coated prior to filling and above all the joint made watertight.

This take time and money, so to reduce costs and delays to traffic the void is simply filled in to reappear sooner rather than later as they do periodically in Station Lane, Featherstone and at the Wakefield Road traffic lights in Pontefract.

In areas like these that are littered with defects economically in the long run it would make more sense to plane and resurface before they merge as one, but with government funds based on short term saving, nothing will change until the road deteriorates beyond repair.

More a case of penny wise, pound foolish.

Potholes have been around a long time, we used to play in them when we were kids, so with the council’s limited budget focused on Wakefield city centre, they will keep popping up in the Five Towns – no need for listed status.


Pontefract Road